Steps to install Scrapy.

by , under python

The following steps assumes that you already have python installed. To make your installation easy the steps recommend using easy_install tool.

Install Scrapy

1. Download and install easy_install tool from cheeseshop .
2. Easy install “zope.interface”
3. Download and install Twisted 10.2.0 from Twisted site
4. Easy install “lxml”
5. Easy install “pyOpenSSL”
6. Easy install “Scrapy”

Test your Scrapy installation

1. Within python interpreter, import the following batteries and there should not be any errors

1. import zope.interface
2. import twisted
3. import lxml
4. import OpenSSL
5. import scrapy

2. If you need to find the version of a particular battery then use module attribute .version or .__version__ as below

print twisted.version ==> [twisted, version 10.2.0]

  1. Stephen

    When I followed your “Install Scrapy” instructions, I get an error message when installing lxml:

    unable to find vcvarsall.bat

    On another page I found that I needed to install a compiler, and they suggested Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008. I installed it, that went well, but now I still get the error.



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