SFTP tool for mac

I’ve been using Fugu for a while now but not happy with it. It is old but still buggy. The ui design and features are not in par with WinSCP that i use in windows environment. Was recently looking for other choices and found the following two which seems to be quite new and say

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Reverse dns on mac.

Having used windows for a long time which uses nslookup command tool to do the reverse dns, i was trying to find a similar tool in mac. I always tend to forget that Mr.Mac is built on Unix. So you can use the host command just as in any other unix to do reverse dns

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Moving files to trash on OS/X via command

I’m not a gui person anymore as i work mostly on terminal on os/x just as in linux. Rather than doing a safe delete as in Linux i prefer to move the files to trash in OS/X and clean up the trash whenever i’ve sometime to kill. [sourcecode language=”bash”] mv myfile.file ~/.Trash [/sourcecode]

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